On Thursday afternoon I was lucky enough to squeeze in a few shots with my incredibly talented photographer boyfriend. Between my study schedule and Michael’s full-time job and fast-growing photography career, finding time to shoot together can be tricky.However, Thursday seemed to work for us perfectly. So off we went, car packed full of photography gear, my beach bag bursting with possible outfits, and accompanied by a keen excitement in our bellies – we were sorted!

Arriving at Eden on the Bay started off well until we were greeted with what could have easily been the windiest day we’ve experienced all year. Although this was not enough to deter us – hair blowing in all directions and cold down to the bone, we started shooting.

Having a photographer for a boyfriend seems to be part of the dream in this time we find ourselves living in. Visual stimulation is all that seems to satisfy our brains and having a photographer by my side at all times sure does help my Instagram look pretty cool. I won’t deny the perks, Michael is able to take a casual day and make it look as though I’ve had a full team running along behind me for makeup touchups, as if on a professional shoot. The moment he lifts his camera, well, I know the drill by now.

Although, with having such a talent at my disposal, I feel comes a great sense of responsibility. A responsibility to be camera ready at all times – stomach in, bum out, alluring gaze on. But let’s face it – how often do we really feel camera ready? What is especially difficult for me is having to make sure I am on par with all the other (absolutely stunning) girls he gets to shoot – no pressure.

This brings me to the point of this post, one I’ve recently had to deal with and work through myself. Getting myself ready for summer – summer-body and all.

Many of us have a terrifying wake-up call when the first day of sunshine graces us with its presence. It is on a day like this that we run to dig out last season’s bikini, squeeze it on and ask the mirror for some advice – well that’s my routine. After the long winter months, the lazy days and numerous helpings of comfort food undoubtedly take their toll, and if you are like me, gym seems to always feel just a day too early, and I am forever procrastinating the effort.

Back to our Thursday shoot on the beautiful beach at Eden. Once I was stripped down to just a bikini, I was quickly reminded of the past few months’ bad eating habits and I felt as though I could not be any more unprepared for a summer-body than I was. It was shortly after this realisation that I could truly admit something so important to myself.

I wasn’t worried about not being summer ready, I was worried about what others might think and say about my body, MY body when letting myself be fully exposed in a little two-piece.

This is something people from all walks of life are able to relate to – all body-types – even the lanky girl typing up this post.

I was then able to realise that a summer-ready body has little to do with the actual body, and everything to do with our acceptance thereof. A summer-ready body is an attitude you walk outside with – bikini on – and a decision you make to accept how you look and feel while showing some skin, and the ability to be okay with what others may be thinking. Although we tend to forget that, rather than looking at us and judging, it is highly likely that others are feeling just as insecure, if not more so than we do.

Being summer ready is a mindset, a decision made that you are okay with having the majority of your surface area exposed. It has much less to do with how ‘great’ you actually look, or how many hours you invested at the gym in a two-month-crunch before the sunny months.

If we can learn to fully embrace each dimple and stretch mark, allow the sun to gracefully dance on our skins and the beach air to rid us of our insecurities, a summer-ready body can truly be accepted as nothing more than a mindset.


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