Our cabin on the right! A four-sleeper with incredible views.

I have recently been so intrigued by the idea of sustainable and minimalistic living, so when an invite came around from close friends of mine asking Michael and me to join them on an eco-cabin getaway, you can be sure I jumped at the opportunity!It was a two-night stay in the Kogelberg Biosphere Nature Reserve in the quaint Oudebosch eco-cabins.

The first indicator to our trip being one of a minimalist nature was the lack of reception we experienced merely seconds after entering the gates of the reserve. Straight away a feeling of panic surrounded me knowing we were cut off from the outside world, although little did I know it would be the reason for the best weekend away of my life.

Our driving trail took us deeper into the mountains and exposed a hidden beauty no photograph could capture. Finally, our cabins were in sight. An initial worry felt by most upon arrival is hoping the real matches up to the promised photos seen online, but boy did the photographs get it wrong – this place was ‘un-capturable’.

The minimalist simplicity of the eco-cabins was the perfect reminder of how little we actually need as human beings. All the necessities were in place and the surrounds made up for anything technological that may have seemed absent upon arrival.

The beautifully designed cabins are solar-powered, with fresh running mountain water which is perfectly delicious to drink, and not to forget the waterless toilet that really wasn’t as scary as it first appeared to be.

The cabins are designed to one day be able to decompose and once again form part of the natural environment.

I am truly so glad that I didn’t manage to photograph much of the interiors, I’ll leave that as a surprise for you when you come around for a visit. What I will share is a few photographs of the surroundings, and I’ll tell you of the deafening silence of nature that forces one to stop and self-reflect.

The surrounding mountains ensured that not even one angle could be found that did not bring an overwhelming beauty.

“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” – Mary Davis

The few days we had there involved multiple card games, lots and lots of eating and a scenic hike that even the unfit likes of me could enjoy. To put it simply, we merely had to exist and enjoy where we were for the time we had there.

A sneaky snack prepared by myself. We ate so well on this trip!

If all I gained from this trip was not looking in the mirror even once, wearing the same outfit for 3 days (and being completely content with it) and the fact that I began to identify myself as ‘Amber the person’ instead of ‘Amber the appearence’, then that is what this time away did for me. If you ask me, we could all do with a little bit of this in our lives.

While away I was also able to realise that ‘switching off’ is near impossible when in the city, or merely when in an area with even a single bar of reception. We almost need to be forced to put it all away.

The silence was deafening at first, I can honestly say it was an adjustment to have spaces in-between conversations that were silent – we are so accustomed to turning to our phone screens when faced with these blanks. But eventually those silences became moments so worth appreciating, a moment to look around and listen. Soon we found beauty in them.

Our little roof garden – so inspired to create my own sustainable home!

My visit to the Kogelberg eco-cabins opened my eyes to the possibilities of living amongst nature without harming it, being one with it all and appreciating what it has to give.

Take advantage of their special prices which last until the end of August – you will not regret it!



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