Download my free eBook here: Simply Plant-Based by Amber Gisele Abrahams

Simply Plant-Based

When I first decided to become a plant-based eater I was faced with many struggles and often had no idea what I was doing. Although, it was clear from day one that this was not a decision I was going to go back on, and this inspired me to do some in-depth research and truly throw myself fully into this way of life. Through my personal learning experiences, I have been able to compile my eBook as a way to make your journey a little smoother than mine was! Trust me, it is so incredibly worth it.

This project has been the most amazing experience and has allowed me to pour my passion for plant-based eating into a few pages for you all to read. In Simply Plant-Based I answer a few frequently asked questions surrounding plant-based eating, offer a few tips and tricks, as well as include ten of my favourite super simple plant-based recipes!

Simply Plant-Based is now a downloadable link ready for you to click on!

Download here: Simply Plant-Based by Amber Gisele Abrahams

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along this journey. Who knew I would stumble upon this way of eating and have it fully transform my life and career path. I cannot express my excitement, so I’ll just share it with you all through the pages of Simply Plant-Based.

All my love,

Amber Gisele X

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