It’s Earth Day! This hasn’t been a day I have put much thought into ever before, but this year a few things are different.

I no longer eat animals… yes, that is 100% where my interest in our environment sprouted from. I have been plant-based for nearly a year and along my journey I have become truly obsessed with learning as much as I possibly can about food, where it comes from, and what it does to our bodies, although, through this research I have found so much more than the answers to just those few questions.

Did you know…

Earth Day

The above is an extract from my recently released free eBook, wherein I break down what it means to be plant-based and how to transition into being a plant-based eater.

There are many ways to decrease our environmental footprint, the most impactful of which is by lessening our intake of animal products. By taking a look at these incredible vegan sweet treats, the idea of eating a plant-based diet may seem slightly more achievable! Yup, that’s banana bread and a coffee cake, oh my.


The emissions used to produce beef are 250 times greater than if we produce legumes, which are an incredible protein source, along with so many other plant-based foods.

The raising of cattle causes 80% of rainforest deforestation – this one speaks for itself.

We can decrease 80% of our global greenhouse emissions if the majority of the world’s population changes to a vegetarian diet…  and that’s not even a study done on a vegan diet.

Other ways to decrease our environmental footprint

I am not amazing at this myself, at all, but as I learn I would love to share my knowledge with you all. With Earth Day as the perfect starting point, now is the best time I can think of to learn together about how we can decrease our environmental footprints.

 1. Use less plastic 



Tote bags – These beautiful bags are a simple way to switch from using plastic when out shopping. Not only can you find some seriously stunning ones, but they are also affordable. The one I have here was hand painted by an incredibly talented friend of mine. I’ll link her details below if you are interested in one of your own.

Glass water bottles – Purchasing a plastic bottle of water each time you are out and in need of some hydration is definitely convenient, but with a little bit of extra effort you could easily cut down on your plastic usage by keeping a glass or even tin bottle in your car which can easily be filled up whenever it is needed.

Straws – As small and inconspicuous as these little guys may seem, they are such a huge contributor to the plastic waste. I have found three types of straws that I absolutely love, including glass, brass and bamboo. These can be picked up for as little as R30 and are so easy to keep in your bag for those out and about moments.

2. Be conscious of the products you buy


Beauty products – there are so many great brands out there that ensure chemical free beauty products which are not only better for you but are better for the environment. The ingredients used in synthetic cosmetics and skin care products are a huge burden for the environment to bare. Another important consideration is that natural products do not make use of animal testing which prevents the suffering and death of animals for the sake of our sanity.

Clothing – Have you ever thought of second-hand shopping? Or how about clothing swaps with friends? That killer yellow jumpsuit I have on was passed onto me by my closest friend, and so many other key items in my wardrobe were passed onto me by friends. I know this idea may seem daunting at first, but once you realise the impact the making of clothes has on the environment you will also want to cut down on the demand you create when purchasing from mainstream brands.

3. Use the Search engine – Ecosia

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 21.33.01

Plant trees around the globe just for browsing the net! Ecosia is a new Search Engine that plants trees each time you and I use them as a Search Engine.

4. Walk or cycle

This may not always be possible, although this will be an amazing contributor to both your health and the health of the environment.

These are just a few of the ways I have found, so far, to reduce my environmental footprint. Remember: Incremental changes add up, especially when we all make them together. I hope this post has been enlightening for you to read and that you feel inspired to implement a few of these changes in your own life. Whether this means cutting down on your meat and dairy consumption or simply keeping a glass straw in your handbag, we should all be aware of the impact we have on our beautiful planet.

All my love,

Amber Gisele X

Get your very own Second Nature Tote Bags by Oda Tungodden!

Free eBook: Simply Plant-Based by Amber Gisele Abrahams



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