Our first time camping in two years and it was absolutely magical. Michael and I decided to take the long weekend and plan a trip away, somewhere without any reception! I cannot begin to explain how good the time in nature was for us. Freezing rock pool swims, mountain and waterfall views, and not to forget the sunrises we were spoiled with each morning. We decided to do some serious meal prep for our trip which made the time there that much more relaxing! Here are the meals we came up with and I would suggest them to anyone thinking of travelling and keeping meals simple or pre-made.

Breakfast: Rawnola 


This rawnola is only four ingredients and is honestly such a treat! I decided to keep our breakfasts simple by prepping for all three mornings with a big jar full of rawnola, ready to transfer into our own individual jars. This recipe is perfect to eat on the road (as we did the first morning) and is just as easily transferred into a bowl if that is how you’d prefer eating it.


Combine 2 cups of oats, 2 cups of shredded coconut, 1 cup of soaked dates and 4 Tbsp of chia seeds in a food processor. Mix all together until well combined.

To serve

Top with a sliced banana and a Tbsp of peanut butter or nut butter of choice. Add some plant mylk and you’re done!

Snack: Lentil chips


I am obsessed with these Lentil Chips from Eat Real, especially the Chilli & Lemon flavour! This gluten free snack has minimal and natural ingredients, is super delicious, and they are easy to find in most stores. These chips go amazingly with guacamole or hummus!

Lunch: Curry Noodle Salad with Chickpeas


This noodle salad was inspired by my mom’s recipe. This was what she made for every social gathering and it was always a family favourite. Since going plant-based I have been missing those famous gatherings with the noodle and potato salads I grew up eating. Well, since finding the B-Well Vegan Mayonnaise brand I have been able to recreate them all at home! For our trip I made a huge batch and kept it in a large container in our cooler bag to dish from for each lunch meal.


Combine B-well mayo with curry powder and spices. Cook your pasta well and rinse under water to cool. Combine your mayo dressing with the pasta, finely diced green pepper and top with pan-fried paprika chickpeas!

Snack: Rooibos Tea and Soy Mylk


This one is self-explanatory, but the combination if definitely worth mentioning! Camping trips always call for a warm drink first thing in the morning, or as a pre-dinner snack as I used it.

Other snacks included: Bananas, satsumas, grapes and rice cakes topped with avocado.

Dinner: Fry’s Family Traditional Sausages, Sweet potatoes and Toasties

This dinner was my favourite meal of the trip. There is something so delicious about a fire roasted sweet potato!


For the sausages – Place over hot coals on a grid and cook as per package instructions.

There are 3 amazing vegan meat brands that I highly recommend. The first is Fry’s Family (they have delicious sausages and burger patties), Quorn (also a big variety of delicious vegan meats), and the newly available Linda McCartney (her burger patties are my favourite)!

When at a braai or away camping with friends, having your own ‘meat’ to place on the fire is always a good option and allows you to partake in the social aspect of the tradition.

For the sweet potato – I wrapped up one per person in tin foil and placed them in the hot coals until soft.

For the toasties – We kept our toasties simple by adding sliced tomato, red onion, vegan mayo, dijon mustard, and a crack of salt and pepper. Yum yum yum. Place the sandwich on a grid over the coals and turn once the bottom side is toasted. Keep a close eye as they burn easily (if impatient like me and placing them over coals that are still too hot).

These are a few meals we highly recommend when going camping or simply to take along to a gathering with friends. Simple and delicious!

All my love,

Amber Gisele X

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