As I am only two weeks into journaling, I am no pro. I do however think that as a beginner, you may want to hear my insights into it all and how it has ALREADY changed my life completely.

What is journaling? And how can I go about doing it?I was always a fan of the idea of journaling, but I never really knew where to start. Is it as simple as just sitting down and writing about my feelings? It was only until I recently watched a YouTube video by Jinti Fell in which she explains how she goes about journaling that I felt I had a clear starting point.

Jinti uses a few simple prompts which help create a focus when journaling.

1. Start with how you feel

Under this, you can start off by being brutally honest. If you have woken up feeling horrible. Write that down. Embrace exactly how you are feeling and do not sugar coat it.

2. Pivot towards the positive

This prompt may take a bit of practice, but it is truly so powerful. Once we learn that there is always a positive way to view a negative, we have essentially taken control of our own happiness. If your entry for #1 was along the lines of, “I’ve woken up feeling utterly crap, with a headache and super grumpy mood”, your response in #2 could be, “Although I have woken up feeling under the weather I know that I have a long day ahead of me, full of multiple opportunities to turn my mood around and a delicious packed lunch that will help my headache fade away’. At first these responses to your first prompt may seem ridiculous, but they train you to take control of how you are feeling and how your day will play out.

3. Affirm it, say it

Affirmations are powerful tools which allow you to speak your truth before it has actualised. For example, “I am a successful blogger”, is an affirmation I use on a daily basis. This allows me to see myself as I want to be, as though I already am that way.

4. Write your visualisation down

This is simply writing down your affirmations to further reinforce your belief in them.


These are Jinti’s top prompts used while journaling which I have found work amazingly for me each morning. A few other points which I have added to my journaling process include:

5. What I am grateful for

I usually write the top 5 things on my mind down each morning. They often are repeated on many days throughout the week, but this is not a negative as it helps you to clearly identify those people or the circumstances which being true meaning to your life and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

6. What would make my day great

This one is completely up to your personal feelings. Although, try to think deeper than just surface level happiness here. An example of this which I have used is, “Making progress with my Breakfasts eBook, and feeling another step closer to my end goal”.

7. My top 3 priorities for the day

As an organisation freak, this one is a definite favourite of mine. You could have a to-do list with as many points as you’d like, but a top three priorities list allows you to structure your to-do list from most, to least important, and keeps your daily goals realistic.

These three points, especially the final two, help me to structure my day before it starts. By visualising what I want out of my day, I am more likely to be more productive and go to bed feeling as though I have achieved my daily goals.

As you can see in the images above, I have two journals. The first journal is used to jot down all my scattered thoughts first thing in the morning. If you are anything like me, then you will too know what it feels like to have a constantly busy mind, full of unorganised information. I use my first journal to bullet point every little thought. These may include things such as, “New blog post”, and “Clean the house”, or even, “Don’t forget to water the plants”. These are bits of information that do not need to feature in my final journal entry, but by putting them down before I start my real journaling process, I allow my mind to be free from the clutter so that I can focus all of my energy on the important things I would like to reinforce through my journaling.


I am a firm believer in The Law of Attraction. If this is something you are not yet familiar with, you truly need to read up about it. I highly recommend watching the documentary film on Netflix or even watching a few YouTube videos. This Universal Law of Attraction has been the reason for every incredible thing that has ever happened in my life. I believe that fully, and will continue to believe it and put it into practice for the rest of my life.

The main idea behind this law, is that our thoughts become our reality. This may not be a new concept to any of us. We know that positive people seem to only attract good things, whereas negative people are constantly unhappy.

Think about every thought you have ever had as being a flashing bolt of energy being sent out into the universe. This law means that all our thoughts are returned to us in the same form in which we sent them out. If this is true, which I have found it to be at every important moment in my life, we better start working on focusing our thoughts on the positives and what we truly want out of life, rather than on everything we dislike about our lives.


This is where journaling becomes so powerful. By starting your day with writing down all of your thoughts, you are creating a positive starting point for more and more positive thoughts throughout the day. Point number two in the journaling process, “Pivot Towards the Positive’, trains us to turn any negative thought into a positive one, meaning the thoughts we send out into the universe are positive, and not negative. Journaling further reinforces our deepest desires. It allows the reality of these desires to be set in stone.

I have found that since journaling (for only two weeks, people) my biggest dream has started being put into motion. My constant reinforcement of this dream in my journal each morning means that I have this thought on my mind throughout my day. In turn, this makes me do things which are in line with my end goal.

Two weeks into this I have already completely altered my path for the future. I do things each day that contribute towards this dream and therefore it becomes more and more of a reality each day.

Often we look at life as an impossible game with no rules or secret codes which we can use to get through it all. But I have found that Journaling, hand in hand with utilising The Law of Attraction, is a life hack like no other. Although life may have no rules, it most certainly does have Universal laws. So why not use these laws to our advantage?

All my love,

Amber Gisele X


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