We are all so different; some of us are naturally positive and excited about life all the time, and the rest of us have a pull towards negativity and anxiety.  Once leaving school I realised that now my life was mine to create and set structures were no longer in place. This realisation was scary for me, as I’d always done extremely well within set boundaries.

With this new sense of freedom, feelings of existentialism set in. Why am I here? What is the point of it all? These are questions so many of us face on a day to day basis, all of us ask these questions at least at one point in our lives. These questions got me into a serious slump. I started falling out of routine and not doing much throughout the day. My morning Instagram post was the main priority and after that, I would just lay around waiting for my afternoon au pair job to come around.

Why am I sharing this dark side of my life with you all? Because I am overcoming it every minute with this new mindset, and if you are experiencing anything slightly similar, then you can too!

Let me also add that I am an extremely positive person. Even when I am in these slumps I am able to always identify the positives in my life and be thankful for them. But that isn’t enough. I want to LIVE and celebrate the positives and not simply be able to identify them.

So here is what I have implemented (it has changed EVERYTHING)…

Have a good morning routine

Everything I do in a day has a purpose and a bigger intention behind it. When I wake up in the morning I drink a tall glass of water with the intention of hydrating my body and celebrating my health. I then sit down for a 5-10 minute meditation session (some quiet time to zen out). This allows me to feel that by showing myself some self-love I am honouring my mind and body. After my meditation I make a delicious and nutritious breakfast and a cup of warm tea with the intention of thanking my body for its health. When I sit down to eat my breakfast I bring along my journal and write according to the prompts I have set out for myself. Not only does this slow down my eating and allow me to appreciate my food, but it also sets my day up for success. Then it’s into the shower and onto the rest of my day!

Starting your day off well is the best way to combat feelings of depression and anxiety, as you have started your day off by reminding yourself that you are in control of your routine and thoughts. This way your day has so much more potential than it would have if you just dragged yourself through it.

This morning routine is a seriously amazing one, but feel free to change up the order and add in some exercise time directly after meditation (I find yoga to be incredible).

Have a plan for your day

This step is set into motion by your journaling. You can see my journaling prompts here.

My last journaling prompt is to set myself three goals for the day, my top three priorities. Although, as I love organisation I often jot down ALL of the things I would like to get through on that day, which I list in the order of most to least important. If you can plan out your day and tick off your goals as you go, there is absolutely no time to sit around feeling sorry for yourself, and by the time you start completing all of your tasks an overwhelming sense of achievement takes over.

Make a mind map of who you are and what you want to achieve

This may sound ridiculous, but it is key to getting yourself out of a slump, big or small. Who are you? What makes you tick? What do you have to offer the world and what brings you joy? Once you know these things about yourself those questions of “Who am I?” and “What is the point?” are answered. The point of life is different for everyone, and you will only be able to figure out what you would like to add to the world and do for yourself once you have a good understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

Once your mind map is complete, it’s time to start setting long-term and short-term goals.  I revise my goals on a weekly basis, slightly tweaking them as I go. Mine include things in the line of living a healthful life and having a career in food. I’d like to do yoga every day, and I’d like to grow my brand into a full-time career, as a few examples. These goals are EVERYTHING. They are the reason we wake up in the morning! Trust me, write them down.

Don’t keep your thoughts bottled up

This again refers to the power of journaling and mind mapping. Get the clutter out of your head and down on paper. That way you can make sense of it all and reorganise it into understandable and manageable pieces.

Get outside and move

Sunshine and fresh air do absolute wonders for pretty much everything. Getting outside often helps us gain perspective and allows us to breathe deeply and feel one with the world. Exercise is another major aid for feelings of depression and anxiety as it immediately takes us out of our dark headspace and shakes us up. By doing a bit of exercise you are reminding yourself that you are worth the effort, and the endorphins released will combat the ‘poor me’ attitude in no time (I get like this too, not pointing any fingers, I promise). A simple 15 minute walk is enough to remind your body that you care!

Surround yourself with positive people

Recently I have made more of an effort to get out of the house and meet up with like-minded, positive people. This has been an absolute turning point in getting myself out of my slump! Surrounding myself with positive people is not only infectious, but also allows me to visualise a similar way of living. We cannot exist in isolation, we are only who we are because of how we relate to and contribute towards the lives of others.

Eat well

Now, this does not mean eat salads all day and deprive yourself of the foods you love, trust me, that would be more depressing than most things in life. I simply mean be mindful of what you are putting into your body. Every food you decide to put in will have some kind of impact on both your physical and mental health. Foods that make us feel tired and groggy will mentally drain us, whereas foods that help us to feel light, satisfied, and energetic will in turn allow our minds to feel light and open to feelings of positivity. In my case, I love eating Whole Foods, real foods that can be prepared quickly and easily, and that need very little done to them to make them taste amazing.


I am sharing these above tips with you all because I myself have recently pulled myself up out of a seemingly deep and dark hole. It is so easy to fall into a negative headspace, and everything seems to spiral downhill from there. It is important to me that you know that we are all human and much more similar than we may think. There is a lot more going on in people’s lives than what we decide to share online. Also, remember that each day is a new opportunity to turn the next 12 hours into something great. It is not an overnight change, but a daily decision to do and be better. Life can be tough sometimes and I think that creates the perfect opportunity for us to share in our experiences and lend a helping hand to those who may need it.

The perfect additional read to this post is a post by my new friend Jenna Rosmarin, on “How to Stay Real in an Unreal World” –  let me know what you think of her insights as well!

Please feel free to reach out to me for a chat if you ever want a friend. I would love to hear from you!

All my love,

Amber Gisele X


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