There’s a new Pesto Princess in town – Basil & Chilli (dairy free and full of all the deliciousness). I am and have always been a serious pesto fan, and when it comes to the leaders of the pack, Pesto Princess is an obvious choice. Continue reading “PESTO PRINCESS SUMMER PASTA SALAD”



I absolutely love healthy food, and this love for healthy food paired with a degree in English made for an easy transition into food blogging. I’ll admit that I have not been spending enough time on this platform due to being ridiculously busy with the writing of my new eBook, but I would like to change that. Even if that means writing a blog post for you all at 05.30 like I am this morning! Continue reading “BEET, BUTTERNUT & GREENS PIZZA”



Here it is, the perfect side salad for any tasty meal! I created this Kale, Pecan & Cranberry side salad with The Simplest Eggplant Lasagne in mind, and because something as tasty as this lasagne recipe needs no help from sides to shine, I kept it super simple with bold and fresh flavours. With the lemon tahini dressing, the flavour profile of this side is simply delicious. The sweet cranberries and toasted nutty pecans just further enhance all this deliciousness, and you can be sure that a generous amount of both is added to this dish.  Continue reading “KALE, PECAN & CRANBERRY SIDE SALAD”



I am so excited to finally be sharing the recipe for these Peanut Butter Energy Balls with you all – they truly are a life saver on those long days at work; the perfect energy boosters. I am a sucker for a combination of sweet and salty treats, and this is exactly what you will find with these. The salted peanuts and the sweet dates are a match made in heaven, and of course the creamy peanut butter just tops it off, perfectly merging all the delicious flavours. Continue reading “PEANUT BUTTER ENERGY BALLS”



Being a great cook has little to do with fancy tools and equipment, although having some sort of tool that you can learn to make work for you, is essential. I have been wanting to make an eggplant lasagne for the last couple of months now, but what was stopping me was not having a baking dish. I know, shocking right? I had nothing drawing me towards buying a brand new, sparkling white one, and luckily we scored this awesome old school dish from my boyfriends parents – not even a day later I had this baby in the oven!  Continue reading “THE SIMPLEST EGGPLANT LASAGNE”



If you are looking for a fresh and filling lunch time salad or perfect side dish, this herby lentil and couscous salad is exactly what you need. I love taking inspiration from dishes I find in stores or on menus, and this recipe was inspired by my favourite Woolworths salad with Bulgar wheat and lentils. The Woolworths salad tahini dressing is such a winner, although I decided to bulk mine up with chickpeas and turn it into a thicker hummus-like dressing.  Continue reading “HERBY LENTIL & COUSCOUS SALAD WITH HUMMUS DRESSING”



It’s Earth Day! This hasn’t been a day I have put much thought into ever before, but this year a few things are different.

I no longer eat animals… yes, that is 100% where my interest in our environment sprouted from. I have been plant-based for nearly a year and along my journey I have become truly obsessed with learning as much as I possibly can about food, where it comes from, and what it does to our bodies, although, through this research I have found so much more than the answers to just those few questions.

Continue reading “EARTH DAY, 22 APRIL 2018”