img_2472The Vegan Menu hype surrounding Balducci was too much to ignore, so myself and Michael along with two friends of ours jumped at the opportunity to have a full menu experience!

First of all, if you are in Cape Town looking for an incredible atmospheric restaurant which caters to both Vegans and non-vegans with absolutely no room for either party to feel left out, this is the place to be.

Balducci is located at the V&A Waterfront which is the perfect romantic or family friendly location. The decor is truly stunning, yet still feels laid back enough to laugh out loud and really dig into the food.


Now, imagine not only receiving a full page of vegan items to choose from, but rather an entire book? We took ages to decide what to eat because everything sounded so delicious and our options were endless. With over 60 vegan menu options, you will have no shortage to choose from!

My top picks from the BALDUCCI VEGAN MENU:

#1: Cashew Nut Cream Pasta

This was a definite crowd pleaser which all four of us friends voted as our favourite of the evening. Super creamy, rich and so full of flavour. A definite winner for both children and adults.

#2: The Trader Joe & the Namaste Pizzas

I definitely recommend ordering both and sharing. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on either.

#3: Sushi

We ordered a Vegetable Sushi Platter which was super yummy. The sushi variety offered many different things to choose from. Definitely a one-stop sushi spot!

#4: Nachos

These were so good. Enough said.

#5: Falafels

No Vegan Menu is complete without a killer Falafel! The falafels are served with an incredible Tahini sauce. They are definitely the perfect table sharing option for starters!

#6: Thai Red Curry (spicy!)

I love spice, a lot. The Red Curry was packed full of flavour, but do not order this if you are not a fan of spice. On the other hand, if you’re like me and love a bite, go for it! Delicious!

#7: Drinks Menu

If you are a lover of wine, all you need to know is that the vegan wine list is a page long! I had a glass of the Chenin Blanc which was really lovely. Another killer drink is the Vegan Hot Chocolate, which is the perfect dessert option if there is no room left for a full dessert.


The Balducci Vegan Menu can easily be found online if you’d like to have a look before-hand!  Overall I highly recommend Balducci for both Vegan and non-vegans. Decor, atmosphere, food, and drinks. Perfection.


All my love,

Amber Gisele X




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Now although I am a plant-based advocate, I am not always the healthiest eater. Trust me, I know I am going off the rails when I start craving deep-fried foods and end up finishing an entire bag of chips all by myself (yes, a large one I’ll admit). But luckily for us, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve which always manages to bring me back to a healthy lifestyle.

It is also important to remember that there are often moments in life that are unpredictable and result in us having to make unhealthy decisions. In my case, I often feel like a hypocrite for eating foods I am too ashamed to post a picture of on my Instagram page. What I have recently come to terms with is that moments like these will happen, and what is important is knowing where to draw the line and making the healthiest possible choice within the situations we find ourselves.

So let’s get to my tips on how to avoid making bad food choices.

  1. Stock up and clear out

I have learnt that the one space that will always be the easiest to eat healthy in, is your home. Why is this? Because in this space we have all of the control. When I first became plant-based I immediately had to stock up on plant-based foods and clear out all of the foods and condiments I no longer wanted to eat. The same applies to healthy eating! Stock up on delicious and healthy foods and snacks, and get rid of those things you shouldn’t be eating or have no self-control over! The chips, chocolates and 2-minute noodles (a secret old friend of mine).

Stock up on tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains, interesting greens and legumes. Make sure to display these foods in a beautiful way to keep yourself visually stimulated by all of the beautiful fresh produce! I like to put my grains, nuts and seeds into glass jars, and display my fruit on the countertop in a bowl, ready to grab for a snack.

Trust me, you’ll be grabbing for an apple and nut butter instead of that bag of chips in no time!

  1. Keep it simple with easy go-to recipes

As I have mentioned before in various posts, Pinterest is your absolute best friend when it comes to planning what to eat and being inspired by plant-based meals. There are so many delicious and insanely simple recipes to choose from that will make your life so much easier, and healthier too! It is as simple as typing in “Plant-based dinner ideas” into the search bar and you have won half the battle. Be sure to create a page like “Healthy Plant-Based Meals” and pin away! You’ll have your shopping list planned in no time!

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 08.31.17

  1. Plan ahead of time

This tip goes hand in hand with tip number two! I highly recommend being inspired by delicious and simple meals you have found in a recipe book or through Pinterest before deciding what to eat in the week. Have a piece of paper with you or use the notes on your phone to jot down meal ideas for your week. Use these ideas and online recipes to make a grocery list and hit the shops with a clear vision as to what you’ll be buying for the week (stick to it)!

  1. Meal-Prep

Another way to plan ahead of time is to meal-prep. So once you have returned home with your delicious ingredients, be sure to prep them to ensure cooking is a breeze. Wash your greens and fruits to have them ready to grab when reaching for a snack or preparing a salad. Or my personal favourite is to prep breakfast and lunch the night before! This is so easy when you have a few great jars on hand to make some overnight oatmeal in or to throw a salad jar together for work.

  1. Snacks

Make sure you are stocked up on tons of healthy snacks. I love having rice cakes on hand, healthy quinoa or other vegetable crisps, bliss balls (which are so easy to make), fruit, nuts and seeds, dates, peanut butter, bars, whatever you like really. The point is to have easy to grab, guilt-free snacks which will help tie you over until lunch or dinner.

6.  Allow yourself outings to naughty food spots

Instead of being resentful towards your healthy diet, make sure you allow yourself those naughty meals every now and again. My biggest advice to do this well is to make sure you make a real outing or planned evening around this meal so that it becomes more about sharing in the fun with others than giving in to a craving. If you are just sitting on your butt at home craving naughty foods, you’ll create a negative association with these foods – and we don’t need that kind of guilt in our lives!


As I mentioned before, I often go off the rails when it comes to eating a healthy diet, but through these derailed moments I have learnt to use the above six tips to my advantage and stay on top of the chaos that is life! It is so important to remember that life is meant to fun and shouldn’t cause feelings of anxiety or disappointment on a daily basis. Have fun with your food and turn your fear of food into excitement!

It is so important for me to emphasise that eating healthily has absolutely nothing to do with being hungry or feeling unsatisfied. Rather, it is the opposite. Eating whole plant foods means eating incredible portion sizes and feeling more fulfilled than you have ever felt before. When you are hungry, you eat!

I hope my top tips inspire you to take hold of the reigns and get started on a new and healthy food journey, as there is nothing more empowering than being in control of your own health and happiness.

All my love,

Amber Gisele X



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